Considerations To Know About Douglas

Douglas is a small city in Coffee County that offers many Opportunities for visitors, whether first-timers or on their routine visits.

At The Fun Place situated at 159 Thompson Drive, the entire Family would surely have fun on the trail with go cart racing. They're also able to sweat out at its own skating rink, driving range or batting cages.

The Fun Place also offers a mini golf course, Playgrounds, arcades and full concession. Anything you wish to do to have fun, you could always find all of them at The Fun Place.

If you want to swing out, then You're always welcome to visit

Set onto a 175-acre of pines across the Seventeen Mile River, the Douglas Golf and Country Club is the only full-service, personal club in the area that supplies an array of activities for all ages. It sports an 18-hole championship golf course, clubhouse, a restaurant, lounge, a swimming pool and tennis courts.

Friday nights are extremely exciting at the Douglas Golf and Country Club because it is open during dinner for 2 or large groups who wish to have a flavor of an elegant yet casual dining environment.

Not only that, the Club is also a Fantastic place for weekday Lunches and offers the finest lunch buffet in the city on Sundays. Its five-mile cart paths can be transformed into walking and running trails where guests may have a great way to work out amidst a beautiful and calm surrounding.

The Douglas Golf and Country Club also boasts of a four-acre Pond that offers great fishing experience. The Seventeen Mile River flows through the center of the Club home, which makes it the best spot to fish. So gather your friends and visit the amazing Douglas Golf and Country Club for this needed relaxation.

If you love bowling, the Rockin' Roll Bowlin' situated at 1300 Bowens Mill Rd.. SE is the only place to move.

Additional arcade, a restaurant and pub that provides live entertainment on weekends. It is also the ideal venue for birthdays, reunions, company actions, and other events.

And if you crave to get new produce, go to the Red Brick Find out from the owners themselves, Lamar and Caroline, how they handle the farm and also take time to know where your food comes from.

The Red Brick Farm retains seasonal activities so don't Miss some of them.

Whatever you want to do or where you go, you can possess Them all at Douglas City.

Douglas, GA

Douglas is A city in Coffee County in Georgia situated 201 miles southeast of Atlanta, the nation's capital.

Founded in 1855, Douglas was appointed for Senator Stephen A. Douglas, a renowned stump speaker that challenged Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 presidential elections.

Douglas is a small town that is full of history. Two of Its regions have been recorded on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. These are the Caribbean and Gaskin Avenue historic districts.

One of the city's main tourist attractions in Gaskin Avenue is your Ashley-Slater House, an Italianate mansion built in 1914, that has been considered as a regional architectural treasure.

The Ashley-Slater House features an original mural, Antique furnishings, a collection of family products, WWI memorabilia, love letters, photos and other items.

The home also boasts of a beautifully landscaped gardens And motives.

The Ashley-Slater House is now the home of the offices of all the City of Douglas Public Information Department, the Douglas Visitor Information Center and Main Street.

When in Douglas City, take time to visit the WWII Flight Training Museum situated at 3 Airport Cir.

Most intact, complete and initial primary flight faculty from World War II left Douglas in the USA, the 63rd Army Air Forces Contract Pilot School, which still boasts of its 13 initial buildings, field and hangars, that are still pretty much exactly the same as they were throughout the war.

The Museum preserves the story of people who fought in the war. It was once the house of the 63rd Flight Training Detachment.

Exhibits found at the Museum include a World War II Barracks, aircrew battle and training equipment such as a classic aircraft.

Both the 63rd Army Air Forces

Obtain a glimpse of Douglas City's railroad history at the Heritage Station Museum situated at the old Georgia and Florida Railroad Depot in at 219 West Ward Street.

Operated from the Coffee County Historical Society, the Heritage Station Museum comes with an array of Permanent collections such as agricultural, military, African-American, and neighborhood business exhibits. It also boasts of a special assortment of train memorabilia that highlights the town's connection with the railroad industry.

Aside from the exhibits, the Heritage Station Museum also makes a fantastic venue for celebrations, reunions, business meetings and other events.

a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Find out about Douglas' history with a quick tour of this city.

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